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An unrecorded banishment from Germany's Krupp steel family

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Engelbertha Krupp Society seeks researchers fluent in German to assist in locating/disclosing records of Illegitimate Krupp steel dynasty son

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The Engelbertha Krupp Society seeks volunteer historians, genealogists and researchers to assist in locating records of Wilhelm Alfried Lobbert, illegitimate son of Alfred Krupp (1812-1887) from Germany’s Krupp steel and munitions dynasty. Full credit and exposure of work will be given.

In 2003, Prof. Burkhart Beyer, Alfried Krupp Foundation historian, disclosed Lobbert’s existence after it was concealed for nearly 174 years. The subject of Lobbert was again resurrected in 2013 after Germany’s news magazine, der Spiegel, ran a feature story about the disclosure of my great-grandmother’s banishment from the Krupp family in my book titled The Cannon King’s Daughter. Engelbertha Krupp’s banishment was concealed from the public for 134 years.

My intentions are to first locate Lobbert’s birth records, places of residence, marriage record and children through church and civil records. The ultimate goal is to match my DNA to Alfred Krupp’s DNA through one of Lobbert’s surviving descendants via FamilyTreeDNA.

Presently, we are in need of someone who is fluent in German to translate a 20-page investigative journal by German Professor Dr. Burkhard Beyer. This can be done orally via telephone.

Our first model has the search for Lobbert born in Germany c.1829 and living in Denmark, Switzerland or Austria. He may have briefly immigrated to the United States.

The second model has Wilhelm Lobbert born in Germany c.1850 and living in the same countries listed above.

German passport films from the LDS Church would be most helpful in identifying all Wilhelm Lobberts that left Germany after 1829.

Wilhelm Lobbert’s mother was identified by Dr. Burkhard Beyer as being Maria Christina Wickenburg. Place of birth/death unknown.

Interested persons should email with the subject “Wilhelm Lobbert.”

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